MarketGrader: Equity Research and Indexing For A World of Opportunity

MarketGrader provides Global Equity Research and Indexes based on company fundamentals to professional and institutional investors. Our products are guided by our philosophy that consistent creators of economic value are the best creators of long-term, lasting shareholder value. We believe this is true in all public equity markets around the world that adhere to transparent and generally accepted accounting, reporting and listing standards. Our goal is to identify these companies for our clients and facilitate their investment decisions by providing them with state of the art, transparent research tools and smarter alternatives to traditional equity indexes.


We believe that owning stocks is the best way for investors to capture the growth of the world's economy in the form of shareholder returns. We also believe this applies to all regions and all countries as long as their equity markets follow a clear set of rules.

MarketGrader covers more than 35,000 companies across 93 countries and makes this research available to professional and individual investors through an online subscription.

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MarketGrader Indexes are created based on our proprietary equity research ratings. We regularly identify the best performing companies across geographies, sectors and sizes through our proven fundamentals lens. Then we apply an equal weighting methodology, enabling each component to contribute to the growth of the whole without size bias.

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