MarketGrader Indexes - A History

Our first index, the MarketGrader 40, was introduced in 2003 alongside our first online research platform. It was designed as a model portfolio to measure the efficacy of our fundamental ratings within the framework of an equally weighted, diversified and liquid portfolio. It was built on a series of transparent rules to ensure the index would always be constructed according to a clear set of criteria, that it be fully replicable and that its composition was fully transparent. In fact, we believe these three rules are the acid test to help determine when a portfolio is indeed an index and not an actively managed portfolio. We started tracking MG40's performance in early 2003, published it daily for our clients and eventually licensed it to institutions as the basis of investment funds and other products. Our index business was thus born.

Over the course of the next few years we completed the development and launch of our family of U.S. indexes, totaling 14 across core, market cap and sector categories. Additionally, in 2006 we partnered with Dow Jones Indexes and Barron's to create the broadest of our U.S. indexes, designed as the basis of a core holding for institutional, professional and individual investors alike. The result, the Barron's 400 Index, was introduced on the cover of Barron's on September 3, 2007. ALPS Advisors launched an ETF that tracks it in 2013.

Barron's 400 Cumulative price return Jan. 1998 - Dec. 2016*
Barron's 400 performances since inception
*Chart Data as of: Dec. 30, 2016

In 2014, MarketGrader's index business took an important step forward with the introduction of more than 15 international indexes, all designed with the same methodology that has made our U.S. indexes so successful. They are all equally weighted, rebalanced twice a year and follow a clearly defined and transparent set of rules to ensure their underlying constituents are liquid and that the portfolio isn't unduly tilted to any particular sector or market cap segment. The spirit of the MarketGrader 40, introduced more than a decade ago is clearly present in all of our new global indexes: merit-based selections of the best companies in a given country or region, designed within a passive structure in order to give investors the best chance at long-term capital appreciation on a global scale.

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